Team No Sleep

There are so many ways to parent your child, SO MANY. Personally, I am just kind of going based on instincts with a little advice from those around me and some momma support groups online. I embrace a more naturalistic, gentle mindset of mothering. While I am sure there are studies and articles advocating other parenting styles, I just sort of go with what feels right and kind. All that to say: my kid doesn’t sleep. Which means, I don’t sleep. I know, I know he might sleep better if he was in a crib in his room- but that hasn’t worked for us. And, I am sure plenty of children are allowed to cry it out (hopefully that is a more gentle process than it sounds), but in the 6 months since he has arrived, I just can’t see that working for us. So the thing is, I know there are ways I might “make” him sleep or “train” him, but they aren’t for me. I just accept that eventually he will sleep or be like his mom and ride the roller coaster of insomnia. So while I might complain about being tired or exhausted or unable to do anything because Baby G only naps when he is nursing, that doesn’t mean my method isn’t right for me. I am just learning to adapt to my new normal. And eventually this normal will change and I will adapt to accepting that the toilet seat is always up or leagues are underfoot.

Roll with the punches you beautiful, amazing mommas.


Also, this isn’t to say anyone is doing something wrong just because I choose something different. We are all different and if you love your child, protect them, and do what is right by them… welllllll you are kicking butt!  #endmommywars


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