Of all the things I imagined I would do with my infant, I did not think I would take him to the house of mouse. Now don’t get me wrong, I like Disney. I think the Magical Kingdom is indeed magical, but it just doesn’t seem like a baby place. Welllllllll, on Saturday we headed to the Happiest Place on Earth.

Must pack:

  • More dipes than you think you’ll need. They DO sell them in the park for a couple bucks for a dipe/wipe bundle, in case you forget them.
  • A stroller. This came in handy pushing baby blankets, diapers, spare clothes, etc, because baby didn’t spend a ton of time in there. It was handy for him to nap in though!
  • A baby carrier. We strapped on our Tula and carried that baby around 10 miles that day! *Tula in the wild* It was comfy and let me be handsfree while I navigated crowds. They also allowed me to keep him strapped on while we rode rides (mind you we only rode rides without a height requirement).
  • Bottles of water. I tossed a few in the bag because as a nursing mom I get parched fast. You can ask for a free cup of water at any restaurant, but who wants to wait in line every ten minutes for water (trust me, you’ll be waiting in enough lines)?
  • A snack. All the lines made me hungry. It was nice to not have to wait in a line overtime I needed something to hold me over till my next meal.
  • Hand sanitizer. Lots of people. Lots of germs.
  • Extra outfit. Come on moms, by now you know why.

Rides we rode:

  • Dumbo
  • Voyage of the Little Mermaid
  • Mickey’s Philharmagic- Momma’s fav!
  • Haunted Mansion- Daddy G’s fav!
  • WDW Railroad
  • Small World- Baby G’s fav!
  • Country Bear Jamboree
  • Aladin

Where we ate:

  • Be Our Guest- Ambiance= adorable. We ate in a room where it appeared to be snowing outside. However, there were other rooms– one of which looked like a dungeon (Never Go to the West Wing!). Potato Leek Soup was delish and Salmon salad was a nice protein packed meal.
  • Aloha Island- Had to get my Dole Whip Float on.
  • Columbia Harbor House- I had a gluten free chicken tender kids meal with grapes, yogurt, and fries. For frozen chicken tenders they were cooked well and they took extra care to keep my food safe from gluten.
  • Main Street Bakery a.k.a. Starbucks. ’nuff said.
  • Casey Jones hot dog. I had fries. They tasted like fries.

Good to know:

  • They have a baby care center. While we only did a few diaper changes there, it was much nicer than the restroom. It was clean and had private spaces for nursing, feeding your babe, and changing. PLUS it had an area to prep baby food, buy some dipes, and even a ladies room with no wait.
  •  I nursed my baby on rides, in lines, at restaurants, and everywhere else in the world– no one said a word.
  • Take pictures, but save the moments.
  • I bought a $5 Old Navy fleece in the largest size I could find, it fit perfectly over me and the babe while he was in the carrier. It was chilly at night and it kept him toasty.
  • Bring a spare pair of baby socks. He lost his and I didn’t know where to buy a spare pair.
  • Ask someone to take a family picture, we didn’t and I regret it.
  • Download the app, figure out how FastPasses work.
  • Don’t overplan. Don’t over think. Pick a few (1-3) must do things. Anything else is a bonus.
  • We missed the parades and fireworks (my fav), but instead of pouting I Let It Go and said “meh next time”. It had been along day and Baby G was ready for a real bed… and so was I. TEN MILES of walking with a 17 lb baby attached to my boob.


That’s all I got for ya’