Boobie Milk

I have spent my, nearly, 30 years on this planet being mostly flat chested. As a pre-teen I minded my AA cup for about a minute, but as time wore on I realized my flat chest wasn’t so bad. I wore a lot of low cut tops and felt like I could get away with it without looking too sexy, because I had NO cleavage… at all. Anyway, fast forward and I got some boobies when I got pregnant. And now as a breast feeding champ of 4 months I still have boobies, after a feed they are a little flatter and softer, but still more booby than I know what to do with.

I spent my whole life thinking beats were a sexual thing. At times they were the reason I wore a baggy shirt and at other times they were the reason I wore a tight shirt, but either way I never though they had any real purpose besides filling out the lacy cups of a bra. And then I had this baby and my breasts sustain him, they keep my child ALIVE. Do you know how crazy that is? I have maybe only seen two people EVER breastfeed in person, but now I spend most of my day keeping a little person alive with my boobs. The thought amazes me.

Like a lot of moms I breastfeed my kid in public. If you see me walking through Target with my baby strapped in his Tula looking like a basic mom, odds are underneath that hood my baby is eating. When you see me eating lunch in the mall, my baby all snuggled up against my sweater, he isn’t cuddling, he is eating. I try to be “modest” and not have boobie milk spray strangers down, but outside of avoiding nip slips, I don’t care if everyone in the entire world sees me breastfeed my kid. I hear this, invalid, argument that when my little guy becomes a kid and teen I am not going to want these sexy breastfeeders showing him their goods, but I disagree. I hope he sees all kinds of women breastfeed their babies, I hope it doesn’t phase him in the least. I want my kid to see breasts for more than just sexual things, but also life saving things. Besides, I doubt the tired mom in the shirt that smells like soured milk, begging her screaming baby to chill out and take the boob is really going to turn his head.

So all that to say boobs are awesome.

Love ya’