I love you more

When I was a teenager I didn’t want children. That feeling went with me in to early adulthood. Eventually I decided I DID want children, but I wold adopt. Surprise Surprise! I ended up with a birth child of my very own. And I couldn’t be more happy about that way it worked out. When I was young I worried having a child would make my parents love me less. I blame this on a stranger who told me that once I had kids my parents would love them more than me. For an insecure 13 year old that is scaring. I carried that fear with me for years. The fear that one day someone would come along and make my parents forget about me. Baby G was born 11 days ago and you know what? I don’t think my parents love me less. But more than that, I don’t really care. They LOVE Baby G. They love him more than I could imagine they would. And that makes me love them more, somehow my heart grew to not only accommodate loving my little baby more than I thought possible, but it had room to accommodate loving my parents even more.

With love


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