I am 36 weeks pregnant (and some days). Up until last night my skin has been fine. Itchy and kind of veiny looking, but still fine. However, I looked in the mirror last night and there at the front of my stomach were these pink lines! When I first got pregnant I fully expected stretch marks. I am a realist. People get stretch marks. But as the weeks wore on and my skin stretched without leaving marks, I thought I was one of the lucky ones. I thought this belly would look weird and veiny and translucent, but not pink lined! So there I stood staring at my belly in near tears at the marks. And THEN today at my midwife appointment she mentioned the marks, “Wow your skin is really stretching right here.” It took everything in me not to call her a big meanie and cry.

I know the marks are worth it. I know that the baby is the prize and the marks are just a fact of life. But it is hard to talk myself in to self acceptance. It is hard to love my body sometimes. I think at some point we all struggle with looking in the mirror and loving what we see. I am trying so desperately to love what I see. To see the marks as tiger stripes or something empowering and not as something that makes me less pretty. I know , I know that all sounds vain. But, I want to be pretty!! I want to like what I see when I look in the mirror. I am more than skin deep, I am more than my physical look, but I can still want to look pretty, right?!

I’ll keep you updated on my stripes!

Talk soon

Warrior Princess… or something like that


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