Tiny House

We had anticipated moving into a two bedroom this Summer. We imagined a nursery with little fox decorations all over it. That didn’t happen. We ended up staying in our tiny loft apartment. It’s 600ish square feet. It is a one bedroom loft. The stairs drive me crazy because it means ┬áthe baby dances on my bladder and I have to lug my big ol belly up the stairs. So our bed and the crib couldn’t both fit in our bedroom. So first we moved the dresser downstairs and shuffled some bookcases upstairs into a closet. Then we had to disassemble our bed frame and store it in order to fit the baby crib. His nook is bigger than our nook. It has little paintings hung up over his crib, his closet has clothes hanging in it and books stacked on his dresser top. His area is precious. Our area is less precious. But hey isn’t being a parent about the occasional sacrifice? SO we live in a tiny apartment. So we have to get dressed downstairs. So what?!