I let the cat out of the bad on my birthday. I posted an ultrasound picture and although it wasn’t creative the comments and compliments I got made me smile. From there the rest of the world slowly found out. I am big enough now that people feel confident saying, “When are you due?” or “Well what do we have here?” and gesturing at the belly. It doesn’t offend me, It THRILLS me. People around me, even strangers, are happy for me and excited about my baby! Who wouldn’t love that! My sweet students even gave me gifts as well as baby name suggestions (the most memorable being Jeffreynetta).

In other news I have found that I do not mind people touching the bump as long as they do it tastefully and over my shirt. The baby’s movements are like a tickle inside my stomach and so the outside world can’t feel the little flutters, but hey if they want to try who am I to judge?

I do find it hard to admit but it is hard to see myself in the mirror. I almost don’t recognize myself. Seeing my body get bigger triggers all of my teenaged body issues. I remind myself that bump is bouncing baby and not a chocolate cake. Struggling to get my pants to button now is not the same as my 14 year old self squeezing in to too small jeans just to say I could.

More soon