I am better at keeping secrets than anyone would ever imagine. I am notorious for being an over sharer and yet my lips have remained zipped about baby G. Oh sure my family and closest friends know, but the world at large is in the dark. I am slightly shocked no one is questioning my inability to button my pants these days. 

I don’t have a good reason it is a secret. I don’t subscribe to the belief you have to wait til the first trimester is over and yet we are almost at the end of the first trimester and baby is still top secret. It started as a secret because I couldn’t think of a way to tell people. I want a cute announcement! Pinterest has made this be a big deal for me.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I feel like maybe that is the day I will share the news with the world at large. I still haven’t thought of a cutesy way to tell people but at the same time I guess it doesn’t matter. It matters that in September I get a baby. It matters that my family is already excited. It doesn’t matter that my Pinterest dreams might not come true. 

With love