I have spent a lot of time thinking about names. I’ve brainstormed character names, daydreamed about baby names, and even imagined my future name (Mrs. Robert Downey Jr.  Anyone?). However, all those years spent brainstorming names (name storming) never really mattered. I worked myself up about them on occasion, but the names held no consequences. All that changed recently when I found out that this year I will get my own little nameless bundle of joy. Now all the name storming is serious. Now the lists have higher stakes. 

Baby names are rough. They have to not encourage mean nick names, not leave your child with weird initials, go with your last name, and maybe somehow express your feelings or personality. That’s a big task guys. On my weak shoulders rest my child’s future… Well as far as names go. Names are associated with jobs and personalities and can seriously typecast a person! 

I’m not going to even tell you my baby names. I promise you the list is shorter than I imagined it ever would be. Apparently I don’t like as many names as I thought. I worry my family will hate them, I worry my kid will hate their name, I worry my friends will wonder what I was thinking. Yall before you jump to cringe or giggle at a friends baby name STOP and remember that naming a human is hard. Your mom probably had to do the name game (banana nana fo fanna) to make sure you didn’t end up with a bad name, too. So be gentle friends. 

More later. 

Momma G

Aka banana fanna fo fish